Captionz: learn on YouTube with fun

Posted by River Young on 2020-12-21

screenshot of Captionz

Ever wanted to watch YouTube videos to learn a language? I made a site called Captionz might be helpful.
As I am learning English and Japanese, YouTube has so many great resources for learning languages, it’s actually a treasure trove.
So I made Captionz to help myself and people like you. It’s more efficient to watch YouTube this way, don’t you think so?

It’s a website, just open Captionz to use it. No need to use a browser extension, or an app. It’s simple and straight-forward. You can figure out how to use it, right?

Currently it’s still simplistic, basic functions are:

  • Dual captions if they exist;
  • Seek to any line;
  • Repeat a line (A-A repeat);
  • Repeat multiple lines (A-B repeat);

A-B repeat is a little bit implicit, click on the icon of ‘A’ just triggers ‘A-A’ repeat, so can you figure it out? Have a try, please.

screenshot of A-B repeat

After published, I told Redditors the news. And people love it! I feel
so excited. The upvotes count is far better than I expected. Thank you, Redditors!

Captionz on Reddit

Based on the feedback, I think there are a couple of things I will do:

  • Auto-translation for missing language of captions;
  • Support captions from other resources, or upload;
  • Search videos on YouTube, and support YouTube channel;
  • A catalogue of videos for different languages;
  • Better UX, dark mode, changeable font size etc;

Or even an IOS/Android app, after all nowadays everything is mobilized. Also Dictionariez needs to be mobilized.

I am developing Captionz in Angular 11, the latest version of Angular.
It’s really cool. I have learned a lot.
I have been using AngularJS, the 1.x version of Angular for years, thought it’s good enough for me to do my little projects.
Since the publish of React, the revolutionary web framework by Facebook, the web development has involved so much that Angular, as a competitor of React, has grown rapidly. AuglarJS 1.x ~ Angular 11, time flies.
Web component has become a standard. Angular and React are both embracing it.
I haven’t yet used web components. So it feels like I am an ancient developer, lagging behind the modern world for so long.
I decided to move on, learn something new, and do something new.
So I made Captionz. Hope you like it.
I will talk about Angular more in later articles.

Thank you.

Feedback and reviews are desperately needed, add topics on or join me on Telegram & Discord, up to you.

One more thing. Since I am an English learner, could you help me refine my articles? Help me find out any grammar or whatever errors in it. Thank you.

This is the way.