Dictionariez supports Portuguese and Russian now with v2.4.0

Posted by River Young on 2020-11-15

Short video introductions about Portuguese and Russian support.



It’s really straightforward. It might be the simplest dictionary app on the browsers. So my goal is to make it support as many as languages in the world.
With Russian and Portuguese support, it might be a big step closer.

Please notice: as Dictionariez grows, more and more languages are added, if your target is just Portuguese or Russian, I suggest you cancel some other languages,
For example Italian and Spanish. Because They may have a lot of common words with Portuguese. You may get confusing definitions otherwise.

Go to settings, and cancel some languages checks.

What do you think? Tell me your opinions and suggestions, as I desperately need them.

Download links and more details are at Github.

So credit really goes to Wiktionary, it’s the source of not just Portuguese and Russian, but also a bunch of other languages like German and French. Beside of all the technical
jargon, Wiktionary is a treasure trove. Thanks to it, dictionary for most languages is possible now.