Read articles, look up new words and export to anki, the way I learn English

Posted by River Young on 2020-11-11

Dictionariez gif

So I have been working on this open-source project Dictionariez for quite a while now. I would like to share with you that how it facilitates my language learning process.

I love reading news. Whenever I meet a new word, just click on the word, the definition of it shows up right there under the word. This is the fastest way to look up. In this case the app has builtin dictionaries to support English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (aka CJK), German, Spanish, French, Italian and Tajik languages, I am happy to add more languages support if you are interested.

The simplest way to look up a new word, and in this way you don’t have to interrupt your reading flow. But if you do need to look more thoroughly on this word, you can just click on the app’s icon or use the context menu, a popup window will shows to let you look up any words in tons of your favorite dictionaries. This way you can look more deeply on the words. And it just looks like a traditional dictionary app. It has a lot of dictionaries including Urban dictionary, Oxford, Cambridge, Longman, Thesaurus, Merrian webster, Collins and Wikipedia etc.

Then after reading the article, you will get a list of your lookup history. All the words are there, even with the sentence as their context information. The context is very important. It’s the key information when you export them to Anki, which is a significant tool to help your memorize all these words.

When you export the words to anki, it will help you do a lot of tedious job, it will grab the images of the words, fill the front and back fields. I think it’s a really good way to use anki.

This is the project link: Dictionariez, you will find the download links for Chrome and Firefox there.

Guys, I am desperately looking forward to your feedback. To make it better, and benefit others like you and me.